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"Absolutely love mine. Finding different ways to use this wrap to support back of hand and wrist. Helping my Carpel Tunnel Syndrome fantastically."- Sonia Rodrigo, US.

BODYFIST Thumb Wrist Support Band

BODYFIST Thumb Wrist Support Band

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Relieve thumb & wrist pain immediately.
Worn without others noticing.
Fully adjustable for ALL hand sizes.

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Say goodbye to thumb & wrist pain with BODYFIST Support Band.

This discreet and effective solution provides full support to ease discomfort. Ideal for those with thumb wrist pain, tendonitis thumb, or carpal tunnel syndrome. Fits all hand sizes. Protect your hands and improve your quality of life with BODYFIST.

Don't like the BULKINESS and IMMOBILITY of other braces? 

Unlike other braces, BODYFIST Support Band is water-resistant for daily tasks, flexible to allow wrist and thumb mobility, and fully adjustable to fit your hand.

INVISIBLE THUMB WRIST CARE- BODYFIST Band comes in Invisible and Neutral options for you to wear confidently without facing the uncomfortable gaze from others. The band can easily go unnoticed meanwhile, you can feel confident in social situations. Your wrist and thumb which are the important body parts for your daily activities are well supported with the help of BODYFIST Band.

THUMB WRIST STABILIZER- Providing gentle compression support for the thumb and wrist, BODYFIST Band effectively relieves pain, swelling, and inflammation. Great for arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, ulnar wrist pain, and other repetitive stress injuries. Tendonitis, which tends to occur when the hands and fingers are overworked or when the hormone balance changes after childbirth or during menopause, the load on the tendon can be reduced and recovery is assisted. 

FULLY ADJUSTABLE TO SUIT ANY HAND SIZE- It is designed using the latest and innovative wrap and self-adhesive technology. BODYFIST Band is flexible to stretch and accommodate any hand size for thumb and wrist support. Suitable for men and women.

WATERPROOF -BODYFIST Band can be used for daily activities involving water. Excellent elasticity that fits snugly on the skin and providing firm compression support for the thumb wrist. It is designed so that it does not interfere with the movement of the wrist. Great for household chores around water, such as washing and cleaning! 

COMFORT- Made with soft healthcare grade silicone materials and designed to support daily use, anyone can wear it without fear of any allergy reaction, no harm to your body and hand. The band is specially treated with proven adhesive technology to ensure it holds and sticks together.

EASY TO CLEAN- Soak the band with lukewarm water for 3 to 5 minutes and air dry after every use to keep it clean and also hygiene. 


High elasticity and flexible adjustability allow you to adjust and tighten BODYFIST Support Band according to your hand size. You can get the feeling of fixation you like.


Notes on winding - When winding, stretch it lightly and wind it. If it is wrapped too tightly, there is a risk of poor blood circulation. Please attach it so that it is not overtightened. Adjust the position of the end of winding as the tip may turn up above the end joint (side of the wrist).


BODYFIST Support Band is perfect for comfortable, all-day compression to relieve pain.


BODYFIST Support Band offers a perfect blend of compression and comfort. You won't sacrifice mobility for pain relief.


BODYFIST Size Measurement
Length 10.2 inches x Width 3.5 inches
Options - Invisible Pair and Neutral Pair
Materials - Premium SEBS material, strong and flexible, has excellent heat and UV resistance (Latex free and PVC free)



Our BODYFIST support band is made with soft, healthcare grade silicone that is BPA- and latex-free, making it safe for daily use without the risk of allergic reactions. You can wear it with confidence, knowing it will support your wrist, thumb and back of the hand.


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