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Targeted Pain Relief and Accelerate Recovery

BODYFEET Arch Pain Relief Massager

BODYFEET Arch Pain Relief Massager

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Relieve Your Foot Pain Immediately

When there is too much load on your arch during activity, your body creates a build-up of painful scar tissue. Our patented tool delivers a professional-grade massage that boosts circulation and breaks up scar tissue - aligning your muscles and tendons, relaxing your arch into a normal posture, and relieving pain. Use alone, or for best results, use as part of the BODYFEET Full Treatment Kit System for a comprehensive treatment solution.

BODYFEET Pain Relief Massager

  • Special Arch design reaches where other massagers can’t. Pinpoint hotspots in your foot to adjust scar tissue.
  • Easy to use while standing or sitting.
  • Portable and durable. Toss it in your luggage or workout bag.
  • 2-3 min/day gets you a professional grade massage. 

BODYFEET Pain Relief MassagerBODYFEET Foot TherapyAlleviates Sore Muscles and Eliminates Fatigue

Excellent for reducing soreness on back, shoulder, legs, foot, neck, chest, and arms and can be used to perform a light or deep tissue massage after a long day to help eliminate muscle fatigue.

BODYFEET Pain Relief Massager is designed with mountable vacuum suction technology.  It can be mounted to most smooth flat non-porous surfaces. It does not mount to stucco or textured drywall, wood, brick, concrete, or wallpaper. Do not mount on plaster walls, damaged drywall, or wallpaper as damage can occur.
BODYFEET Pain Relief Massager

BODYFEET Pain Relief MassagerPortable and Ergonomic

Designed with ergonomics in mind, fits in the palm of your hand and can be carried in your handbag or backpack. Can be washed with water and soap. Made with healthcare grade silicone (BPA Free).
BODYFEET Pain Relief Massager
BODYFEET Pain Relief Massager

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