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BODYCLINIQ FaceLift Roller Kit

BODYCLINIQ FaceLift Roller Kit

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BODYCLINIQ FaceLift Kit offers you the ideal solution to achieve microneedling face lift effect at home, but without the pain and side effects of harsher anti-aging skincare options like traditional microneedling and chemical peels. The prominent, yet non-invasive studs gently help to improve the pigmentation of your skin, repairing sun damage and minimising the appearance of stretch marks, without causing discomfort or skin trauma.

This revolutionary FaceLift Kit stimulates both the outer layers and subdermal layers of your skin, promoting natural collagen production and maximising the opportunity for serum absorption. As a part of your regular daily skincare routine, the DermaRoller will rejuvenate the skin, improving tone and elasticity. It will also reduce signs of aging, such as age spots and dryness.

Beauty acupuncture noticeably regenerates your skin

BODYCLINIQ FaceLift Roller is a natural alternative to other aesthetic interventions, its cosmetic acupuncture effect works nicely in providing muscle movements and lymph circulation. Our FaceLift Roller acupuncture can increase oxygenation levels though microcirculation which can aid detoxification and help prevent facial puffiness.

Much like micro-needling, using BODYCLINIQ FaceLift Roller for five minutes a day promotes the production of new collagen and elastin. By focusing on using the FaceLift Roller on frown lines, Nasolabial folds (or smile lines) and crows feet. BODYCLINIQ FaceLift Roller brings you a relaxing restorative treatment that allows for holistic skin regeneration.

BODYCLINIQ FaceLift Roller

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