High arch feet is also called hollow feet or pes cavus. The arch, the inner part of the foot is highly raised off the ground. Plantar Arch performs the dual functions of weight-bearing and shock absorption. People with high arch has weight concentrated too much in the ball and heel of your foot. That improper weight distribution leads to poor shock absorption and significant arch pain.


  • High Arch
  • Usual pain at behind or inside of ankle bone
  • Hammertoes
  • Pain gets worse during walking or running


  • Inherited Genetic factors
  • Neurologic disorder or other medical condition, such as cerebral palsy


  • High topped shoes to support the ankle and shoes with a little wider heels on the bottom to add stability
  • Orthotic devices such as custom made inserts on the arch with BODYFEET Aligners Kit on the toes to provide stability and cushioning to the foot
  • Surgery
  • Don’t bear with the Pain. Learn more about how BODYFEET Aligners Kit can help you to solve your foot pain.
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