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Get Fit and Walk with Confidence



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Have the body and legs you'll love by just wearing our BODYFEET Aligners Kit. By putting steady pressure on your toes, our proven patented treatment kit helps stimulate your feet to shift your overall body weight backward to the ball of your feet. It corrects your walking and standing posture and gradually aligns your body and legs naturally without surgery, giving you a fit and healthy body.

INVISIBLE POSTURE CARE - BODYFEET kit corrects your foot alignment and posture problems by balancing pressure on the feet while walking. The plantaris muscles which are the foundation of the body, are stimulated and the posture is naturally corrected. By using 2 different levels from the kit, you will guarantee to get results within 4 months.

BODY SHAPING AND SLIMMING - Energy metabolism increases due to an increase in muscle activity when you are wearing the kit, promoting a decrease in body fat mass, and thus achieving a body-shaping effect. This effect is further enhanced when you wear Level 2 Kit during your Yoga/Gym active workout.

PREVENT AND REDUCE LOWER BACK, HIPS, AND KNEES PAIN - Wearing the BODYFEET kit helps stabilize the gravity center of your body. Removing the pressure on your hips and lower back also reduces the fatigue of your legs. The treatment process restores pelvic alignment through correct posture.

MOST AFFORDABLE - This is the latest and yet, most affordable way for body posture correction and foot alignment.

COMFORT - Made with soft healthcare grade silicone materials (BPA Free) and designed to support daily use, anyone can wear it without fear of any allergy reaction, no harm to your body and feet. This proven technology was invented by our team of professional doctors.

EASY TO CLEAN - Soak the kit with lukewarm water for 5 minutes after every use to keep it clean and also hygiene.

By wearing BODYFEET Aligners Kit, the sense of balance is improved through the stimulation of your toes, shifting the center of gravity back to the ball of your feet, eventually, the posture is corrected, and a good body posture can be obtained.

The pressure of your toes being pressed forward can lead to hammertoes (when the toe becomes bent downward or inward permanently), bunions (a swollen, bony bump that forms on the side of the big toe). If you already have them it gets worse. If you don’t have them, they can develop, especially if you have a genetic component. BODYFEET Aligners Kit helps prevent and correct these foot problems.

Pain in the hip, knee and lower back can often be caused by Bow-Legged (varus deformity) or Knock-Kneed (valgus deformity). In other words, when our legs are not aligned straight at the hips, knees, and ankles, there can be an abnormal force across the knee. This often leads to pain, cosmetic deformity, and premature knee arthritis.

Surgical correction can help treat the deformity but it may cause other medical complications. With BODYFEET Aligners Kit, your leg can be realigned. As a result, you’ll feel less pain, look better, and have healthier knees. We’d like to see you spend more time walking, running, and doing more of the physical activities you enjoy.

Getting Fit and Toned With The Aid of BODYFEET Aligners Kit

If you want to have a beautiful body, BODYFEET Aligners Kit will become your invaluable aids. BODYFEET kit is most suitable for correcting anterior pelvic tilt and it can improve body posture by ensuring good footing balances while you are walking. This helps your pelvis return to a pain-free neutral position.

By wearing the kit, energy metabolism increases due to an increase in muscle activity on your hip, thighs, and calves. When your body posture progressively improved with your foot structure corrected, the muscles that you do not use will be activated. The inner muscles are trained and exercise efficiency is improved. Wearing a BODYFEET Aligners Kit helps to trigger fat metabolism for energy use in the muscle activation process. The amount of muscle movement increases when wearing the kit. Subsequently, your body fat mass decreases and thus achieving a body-shaping effect.

Losing a little height as you get older is normal. Over the years, the discs between your spine’s vertebrae flatten, your muscles start to lose mass, and the spaces between your joints narrow. However, a significant loss in height can signal osteoporosis, says rheumatologist.

“A lot of people are under the misconception that losing height is normal,” Dr. Abelson says. “Certainly losing a half-inch or three-quarters of an inch may be normal, but I’ve seen patients who say they’ve lost two, three, or four inches in height, and they thought that was a natural consequence of aging. But it’s not.”

How To Use BODYFEET Kit And The Differences Between Level 1 and 2

You can learn more about the treatment and how to use Level 1 and Level 2 Kit from our BODYFEET Treatment Page

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