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BODYFEET Bunion Corrector

BODYFEET Bunion Corrector

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barefoot Flexible design for walking barefoot.

footprint Suitable for either left or right foot.

✓ Solution tailored for complete bunion care.

BODYFEET Bunion Corrector

BODYFEET Bunion Corrector

Regular price $29.00 USD
Regular price $29.00 USD Sale price $65.00 USD
SAVE 55% Sold out
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Advance Your Bunion Correction with Every Step.

Say goodbye to discomfort as you restore toe position and regain mobility, step by step.

Instant Relief from Bunion Pain.

Provides immediate relief from the discomfort associated with bunions, easing pressure during movement for pain-free walking and increased shoe comfort.

Restoration of Natural Toe Alignment.

Effectively realigns the toe joint to correct bunions, gradually applying pressure to restore natural alignment and reduce the bunion's size and discomfort.

  • Cool Relieving Gel

    Introducing our innovative washable cooling gel sleeve for bunions. Designed to gently relieve pain and swelling, this soft gel aids in realigning toes for improved comfort. Experience targeted relief and soothing cooling effects for optimal foot health.

  • Adjustable Strength

    Our advanced ergonomic design incorporates adjustable strength to support toe correction, facilitating effective toe realignment. Featuring a lever that easily adapts to the severity of your bunion issues, you can gradually increase the strength for enhanced correction.

  • Comfortable Grip

    Elevate your comfort and stability with our revolutionary design, equipped with a comfortable grip and reliable Velcro fastening system. Engineered to ensure the frame remains securely anchored to your feet, you can stride confidently without any fear of slipping.

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